28-29 March 2013 the International Scientific and Practical Internet-Conference “Management and marketing in the modern economy, science, education and practice”

ММФ копияInternational Scientific and Practical Internet-Conference “MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING IN THE MODERN ECONOMY, SCIENCE, EDUCATION AND PRACTICE”.

 The purpose of the conference are generalization the achievements and use of management and marketing in today’s economy; summarizing activities and identification of priority directions of further development of pharmaceutical science and practice, forms and methods of teaching disciplines the organizational, economic and administra­tive direction based on management theory and marketing; development cooperation of scientists of Ukraine, CIS and foreign countries, representatives of pharmacies and phar­maceutical companies and marketing consulting companies in management and market­ing.

 Invited to participate in the Conference: organizers of health system and phar­macy, scientists, professors of higher pharmaceutical (medical) schools and departments of educational institutions that train specialists in management and marketing, pharma­cists, doctors, marketers and managers of wholesalers, retail and manufacturing firms, market analysis and research companies, representative offices of foreign companies, graduate students, undergraduates, students.

 The main directions of Conference:

  • Modern fundamental provisions of management and marketing;
  • Condition and prospects of management and marketing in health care and phar­macy;
  • Marketing management;
  • Social management;
  • Information technology in administrative activity of pharmaceutical organizations;
  • Pharmacoeconomics;
  • Risk management and features of industry risks;
  • Personnel support execution of management tasks of pharmaceutical organizations;
  • Management of labor resources and personnel;
  • Marketing research;
  • Logistics;
  • Place of management and marketing in training professionals for industries and problems of teaching;
  • Practice postgraduate training of specialists in management and marketing;
  • Organization of search, development, research, registration and production of new medicines based on marketing;
  • Issue of import substitution of drugs from the standpoint of management and market­ing;
  • Management of rational use of medicines and responsible self-medication;
  • Quality management in system of medical and pharmaceutical care.

 Conference languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English.

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