29 March 2013, visit of the NUPh delegation to NRU “Belgorod State University”

Rector of the NRU “BelgorodStateUniversity” Professor Oleg Polukhin and Rector of the National University of Pharmacy Valentin Petrovich Chernykh signed an agreement on academic and scientific cooperation.

The document on cooperation between BelgorodUniversity and KharkovUniversity was signed during the roundtable. Rectors presented the work of their universities, expressed willingness to cooperate in many areas of educational and research activity, set objectives for the near future and prospects.

Agreement on academic and scientific cooperation involves student exchanges aimed at conduction of academic and manufacturing practices, exchanges of graduate students in the framework of their dissertation research, joint research projects in the priority areas, the organization of joint scientific conferences, etc.

29.03.2013 визит в БелГУ 8Rector of the NRU “BelgorodStateUniversity”      D.Sc. in Political Science, Professor Oleg Mikhaylovich Polukhin expressed readiness to cooperate with the National University of Pharmacy for mutual benefit.

It happened so that our university has more educational resources. But you have a great intellectual potential. There is what we can learn from you. Especially because pharmaceutical cluster is forming in the region, there is a task to create enterprises of pharmaceutical manufacture. Therefore there must be scientific educational center that would provide researches in this area. We have a basis – Pharmacy Faculty. We turned our attention to Kharkiv, with which we worked before. We hope that our resources, facilities will unite with your powerful intellectual potential. And will result in some synergy, – said Oleg Polukhin.

Rector of the National University of Pharmacy corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Science in Chemistry, Doctor of Science in Pharmacy, Professor Valentin Petrovich Chernykh said that the universities have a common goal – to be useful to each other.

We are captivated by your university. We are located nearby. And we should like two communicating vessels of neighboring countries not miss the opportunity of mutually beneficial cooperation. You have excellent facilities, development of science is supported by the state. And we are ready to offer our scientific potential. Together we would like to conceptualize and implement the practice of double diplomas, conduct joint researches in promising fields of pharmacy, – emphasized Valentin Chernykh.

The NUPh visit to the NRU “BelgorodStateUniversity” was held in a solemn moment for the university – immediately after Polukhin Oleg Nikolaevich was elected to the position of rector of the NRU “BelgorodStateUniversity”. In a solemn atmosphere rector of the NUPh Valentin Petrovich Chernykh congratulated Oleg Mikhaylovich on high confidence of the colleagues and wished great success on this difficult path and presented testimonial.

During the one-day visit of the NUPh delegation to NRU “Belgorod State University”, scientists from Kharkov visited Nanotcentre of the university, laboratories of the Pharmacy Faculty, winter garden, and museums of the NRU “Belgorod State University”. Professor Valentin Chernykh conducted an open lecture for the faculty members and students of the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Source:    http://www.bsu.edu.ru/bsu/

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