Lebedynets Viacheslav O.

Lebedynets Viacheslav Oleksandrovych, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences (2016), Professor (2019), Head of the Quality Management Department (2015)

Address: 61168, Kharkiv, 4 Valentinovskaya Street.

Tel.: (0572) 68-56-71

e-mail: v.o.lebedynets@gmail.com


Viacheslav Lebedynets was born in December 22, 1976, in Vradiivka, Mykolaiv region, Ukraine.

Viacheslav Lebedynets graduated from the Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Academy in 1999. He graduated with honors with a degree in “Technology of pharmaceuticals”, qualification engineer-technologist.

In 1998-1999, he worked by laboratory assistant of the State Research Laboratory for Medicines Quality Control (SRL MQC). After graduating from the Academy, he was a competitor of the Department of Cosmetology and Aromology. Since 2002 – Assistant of the Department of Quality Management in Pharmacy of the National University of Pharmacy. At the same time, he is a research fellow at the SRL MQC.

In 2003 he defended his thesis on specialty 15.00.01 “Technology of medicines and organization of pharmaceutical business” by the theme of “Development of composition and technology of semi-solid dosage form with diftorant”. Scientific work was carried out on the experimental-industrial base of “Borshchagivsky Chemical-Pharmaceutical Plant”, the scientific supervisor – Dr. of Pharm. Sciences, professor Evgeniy V. Gladukh. The developed medicine of antipsoriatic action “Diftorant, cream 1%” has successfully passed clinical trials and recommended for industrial production.

In 2006 he was awarded the academic title of Associate Professor.

In 2012-2015 – Doctoral student, part-time – associate professor of the Quality Management Department.

Since 2015, he appointed to the post of head of the Quality Management Department based on election by competition.

In 2016 he defended his doctoral dissertation “Methodology of a quality management systems formation at medicines manufacturing enterprises”, the scientific consultant – Dr. of Chemical Sciences, professor Sergiy M. Kovalenko, then Dr. of Pharmacy Sciences, professor Alla A. Kotvitska.

In 2019 he was awarded the academic title of Professor.

Viacheslav Lebedynets is the author and co-author of more than 300 scientific, scientific-methodical and popular scientific works. With his direct participation, a number of teaching aids have been published (in particular, by the disciplines “Quality Management”, “Attestation and certification of personnel”, “Good Pharmaceutical Practices”, “Quality Management Systems”, etc.), articles for the Pharmaceutical Encyclopedia, more than 10 curricula for new profile disciplines of the specialty “Quality, Standardization and Certification” (“QSC”) have been developed. In addition, Viacheslav Lebedynets is the author of a number of methodological recommendations (in particular, on the performance of the master’s theses, pre-diploma practice by students of the “QSC” specialty, etc.). He is co-author of the five scientific methodological recommendations of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, 2 monographs, patent of the original medicinal product and more than 50 articles in Ukrainian and foreign scientific journals.

Social activity

Since 2014 he is the chairman of the working commission for the development and implementation of the NUPh’s Quality management system, and also supervises of the group of internal auditors. Member of the editorial board of the scientific professional journal “Management, Economics and Quality Assurance in Pharmacy” from the moment of its foundation in 2008. Certified auditor of quality management systems of the Management Systems Certification Body “PRIROST” (Ukrainian Quality Association) and the German Certification body DQS. He is member of the NUPh Academic Council and the Central Methodical Council.

Scientific activity

Viacheslav Lebedynets is supervisor of 4 post-graduate students: Tetyana Karamavrova, Iryna Kazakova (budget form of training), Dmytro Chorny, Natalia Sukhanova (contract form). The subject of postgraduate research concerns the methodology of audits of pharmaceutical quality systems; standardization of cosmetic medicinal products and application of quality management methods in their production and quality control; validation of computerized systems used by medicines distributors; risk management for the quality of pharmaceutical products during its manufacture and distribution. In addition, he is the head of more than 100 master’s works of educational program QSC by specialty 073 Management.

Directions of scientific research:

  • methodology of design, implementing and developing of a quality management systems of pharmaceutical enterprises and universities;
  • evaluation of the pharmaceutical quality systems effectiveness;
  • development of organizational and methodological bases of specialists training in quality management field for the pharmaceutical sector;
  • methodology of the formation of an integrated management systems at a pharmaceutical enterprises;
  • organization of works on risks for quality identification, analysis and assessment in the pharmaceutical industry;
  • organizational aspects of validation at pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution companies;
  • development of a methodology for analyzing of the business processes of pharmaceutical quality systems, conducting internal audits (self-inspections) at pharmaceutical enterprises, etc.


Viacheslav Lebedynets was awarded with NUPh diplomas (2015, 2016), gratitude of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (2016).

Educational-methodical work

Viacheslav Lebedynets conducts of lectures, workshops and seminars on subjects “Good practices in pharmacy” (specialty “Pharmacy”), “Quality Management Systems”, “Audit of Quality Management Systems”, “Quality management of the technological processes”, “Fundamentals of metrology” (Specialty 073 “Management”, educational program “Quality, standardization and certification”).

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