Vladymyrova Inna M.

Vladymyrova Inna Nikolaevna, D.Sc. in Pharmacy (2014), associate professor (2014), professor

Address: 53 Pushkinska str., Kharkov 61001

Tel./fax (057) 731-92-76

E-mail:  inna.vladimirova2015@gmail.com



Vladymyrova Inna Nikolaevna was born on Decembers, 2, 1982 in Konstantinovka, Mykolaiv region. In 2000 she successfully completed the secondary school № 68 Kharkiv (with a gold medal). In 2005 she graduated from the National university of pharmacy with honous and in 2006 Masters of the National university of pharmacy. She worked a senior laboratorian of the Chemistry of Natural Compounds Department (2005-2006).

Since December 2006 Inna N. Vladymyrova was enrolled in postgraduate study of the Chemistry of Natural Compounds Department, which she finished in 2008. She defended thesis for scientific degree of the candidate of pharmaceutical sciences on the topic “Pharmacognostical studies of cabbage of broccoli and development of medications on its basic”.

Research and teaching career she began at the Department of quality, standardization and certification of drugs of Institute of Pharmacy Professionals Qualification Improvement: assistant (2008-2010), Associate Professor (2010-2016), from October 2016 is a Head of a scientifically-methodical laboratory on questions of pharmaceutical education.

In 2014 Inna N. Vladymyrova defended the thesis for the scientific degree of Doctor of Pharmacy on the topic “Standardization of approaches to targeted search of herbal medicines for the treatment of thyroid diseases”.

Awards: Diploma of Regional Contest “Young Scientist of Kharkiv” (2006); Certificates of Honor of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (2007); Certificates of Honor of the National University of pharmacy (2010).

Students: Inna N. Vladymyrova is a supervisor of 2 candidate thesises: Savelieva E.V., Kruikova A.I.

Main research areas

Receipt of plant substances with the purpose of creation of new herbal drugs and dietary additions; development of technical requirements of Ukraine on dietary additions, raw material of plant and animal origin; standardization of plant raw material in accordance with the requirements of the State pharmacopoeia of Ukraine and European pharmacopoeia; development of methodologies of control of quality on medicinal facilities of phytogenous and plant raw material; development of composition, technology and standardization of medicinal plant drugs.

Inna N. Vladymyrova is a developer monographs of the State pharmacopoeia of Ukraine of “Common agrimony”, “Loosestrife”, “Kelp”, “Laminaria thalliesN”, “Cetraria”, “Devil’s claw root”, “Ballota”, “Sophora flower”, ”Sophora buds”, ”Sophora fruitN”.

Inna N. Vladymyrova have developed dietary additions “Pills with the extract of cabbage of broccoli”, capsule “Broccophit”, “Thyreophyt”, “Immuno-viral with the vitamin С”, “Memophyt”, “Osteovert” (producer of Pharmaceutical firm “Vertex”, Kharkiv).

Publishing activities

Inna N. Vladymyrova is an author of more than 190 scientific and teaching works, among them: 3 workbook, 1 allowance, 14 guidelines, 2 technical requirements of Ukraine, 17 patents, 10 informative letters, more than 160 articles and materials of conferences.

Inna N. Vladymyrova lectures the following disciplines: Pharmacognosy, Medical plants resources science.



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