March 1-3, 2012, NUPh’s participation in II International exhibition “Modern educational establishments – 2012”, Kyiv palace for children and Youth

ІІІ International exhibition “modern educational establishments – 2012” on March 1 -3, 2012 in the “Kyiv Expo Plaza” exhibition complex

The exhibition has been opened by: Minister of education and science, youth and sports of Ukraine Dmitriy Vladimirovich Tabachnik, President of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine Vasiliy Grigorjevich Kremen’, director of the “Exhibition world” LLC Svetlana Vladimirovna Rud’ko.

765 educational establishments of various levels and forms of ownership from 27 regions of Ukraine were represented at the exhibition:

118 – universities, academies, institutes, scientific institutions, colleges, technical schools;

480 – postgraduate educational institutions, vocational schools, schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, preschool and out-of-school establishments, scientific methodological centers;

167 – enterprises and companies, which cooperate with educational establishments, teaching aids manufacturers, publishers, mass media.

Creative achievements of pedagogical and scientific teams, experience of innovative upgrading of all elements of education, international cooperation between educational establishments, work of educational establishments with social partners and international integration were presented at the exhibition.

National University of Pharmacy presented new scientific and methodological publications and drug designs of the last 10 years.

Vocational guidance was successfully carried out with secondary school representatives from various regions of Ukraine and pupils of Kyiv schools, more then 200 information packages were disseminated.

For participation in the exhibition NUPh was awarded following prizes:

1. Diploma and commemorative award to the National University of Pharmacy “Leader of international activity” This award was given by the Minister of education and science, youth and sports of Ukraine Tabachnik D.V. and President of the National Academy of Pedagogical sciences of Ukraine Kremen’ V.G.

2. Honorary certificate to NUPh rector Chernykh Valentin Petrovich “For fruitful organizational activity in improvement of national education”

3. Diploma to the National University of Pharmacy “For active work on modernization of the educational system”

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