College of NUPh

 College of NUPh is the only higher education institution in Ukraine that trains junior specialists for all pharmaceutical industry.

License of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated December 28, 2017.

The statement of the Unified State Electronic Database on Education, series ВО №00201-020101 on June 21, 2017

College Address:

61140, m. Kharkiv, st. Alexander Nevsky,18

College site

Telephone of the principal’s admission: (057) 737-22-88

Telephone of the admissions office: (057) 736-03-54

Fax: (057) 737-22-88

College Principal:

Prokopenko Tina Suleimanivna, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Honoured Worker of Pharmacy of Ukraine.

Preparatory courses


The College admits graduates of Years 9 and 11:

  • Branch of knowledge – 22. Health care
  • Specialty – 226. Pharmacy. Industrial pharmacy

Educational programmes of junior specialist:

  • Pharmacy
  • Analytical Quality Control of Chemical Drug Compounds
  • “Production of Pharmaceuticals”

Educational programme for bachelors – “Pharmacy”

Payment details for education

Recipient: NUPh

a/c 31254285108865

MFO 820172 in the DKSU,

code 02010936

In the payment details specify:

– for study at NUPh College

-Full student’s name

– the contract number




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