October 30, 2011 – February 24,2012,Master’s students of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University (Almaty) undertake internship at NUPh.

On 24th February 2012 the practical training in terms of academic exchange program finished for the following students of Master’s Program training (2nd year of study) of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Kazakh National Medical University named after S.J. Asfendiyarov (Almaty city): Esbolganova Aynur, Bayganova Karina, Коnakbaeva Аlua and Semjanova Gauhar. Practical training took 4 months according to 2 modules: pharmacist-manager and pharmacist-analyst. The holding Departments of the University: Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department; Organization and Economics of Pharmacy and Department for management and Marketing in Pharmacy.

As soon as Master’s students came back to home we received the following letter from them:

 «I would like to express my deep gratitude to professor Chernykh, Rector of the National University of Pharmacy, and to my supervisor during practical training, associate professor of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department Bevz  Natalya Yurievna, professor Georgiyants Viktoriia, Head of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department and all staff of the Department for the assistance during my studies and the warmest reception. I am personal thankful to associate professor of the Department Vladimir Grudko, who paied deep attention to my work. The warm friendly attitude towards us from the side of University employees we were feeling for the whole period of being at NUPh. Deep gratitude for an excellent organization of the training!» 

                                        Аynura Esbolganova

«Let me express my thankfulness to the recot of the University and all skilled teaching staff for a unique opportunity to get a valuable experience on pharmaceutical business management on basis of the National University of Pharmacy, to work in close collaboration with outstanding professors, with peoples who have a great source of professional skills and knowledge in Pharmacy of the world level. I am grateful for your warmest welcoming and for all you have done for us! I am also thankful to the vice rector for international relations professor Popov Sergey Borisovich, to my supervisor, Doctor of Pharmacy, professor Iryna Vladimirovna Pestun. Due to the possibility to take practical training at NUPh I have got inestimation knowledge, professional experience, and, of course, got acquainted with the national culture and customs, got new friends! I will remember time that I spent at the National University of Pharmacy for ever!»             

  Konakbayeva Alua

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