On 5-7 April, 2016, a compliance audit of the Education Quality Management System took place at the National University of Pharmacy. The audit was conducted by chief auditor Oleksandr Yuriiovych Beregovenko and auditor-expert Shapran Liana Fedorivna of the Management Systems Certification Body LLC IQC “PRYROST”

The audit analyzed documented procedures governing the processes of quality management system of the NUPh, University Management Guide and other documentation required by ISO 9001 standard.

The auditors also met with the Rector, First Vice- Rector for scientific and pedagogical work – head of the Quality Management System of the NUPh, chief auditor of the Quality Management System of the NUPh, Vice-Rector for scientific work, Vice-Rector for administrative work, Vice-Rector for scientific and pedagogical (international) work, Vice-Rector for scientific and pedagogical (educative) work, Deputy Rector for academic affairs and Deputy Rector personnel affairs, Dean of the Pharmaceutical Faculty №2 and the Medical-Pharmaceutical Faculty, Head the Registrar Office, Head of the Manufacturing Practice and Employment Assistance Office, Head of the Scientific Methodological (scientific research) Laboratory on Pharmaceutical Education, Head of the Quality Management Department, Director of the Scientific Library, Computer Center and Catering Complex, Head of the Department of Industrial Technology of Drugs, Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and the Department of Quality Management, leading legal adviser, chief engineer, Head of the material and technical facilities group, chief metrologist.

Based on data and conclusions obtained by the audit group, decision was made to confirm validity period of the compliance certificate. DQS GmbH will be informed on decision.

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