On May 7, 2024, the IV educational online seminar dedicated to the 71st anniversary of the discovery of the DNA molecule

On May 7, 2024, the IV educational online seminar dedicated to the 71st anniversary of the discovery of the DNA molecule BIRTH, DEVELOPMENT AND ESTABLISHMENT OF DNA SCIENCE was held

The event started with the opening speech of the Head of the seminar, Rector of the NUPh, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Knight of the Order of Princess Olga III degree Alla KOTVITSKA.
Alla Anatolyivna noted that: ‘International DNA Day is a global movement aimed at mobilizing, activating and empowering communities, teachers and learners to innovate, collaborate and open the perspectives of our common humanity and connection with the natural world. This event is aimed at the development of young people in the educational and scientific area and aims to motivate and involve students in projects aimed at popularizing the benefits of pharmaceutical education in Ukraine’.
The introductory speech by the co-chair of the seminar, the head of the Department of Biological chemistry and veterinary medicine of the NUPh, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Vira KRAVCHENKO was devoted to the organization and implementation of the International DNA Day at the NUPh from 2019 and the dynamic expansion of the event’s participant categories in the following years.
57 people took part in the seminar, including schoolchildren of grades 9-11, students of 1-5 years, post-graduate students and graduates of the NUPh.
28 reports on the theme of the event were presented.
The speakers demonstrated a high level of preparation and understanding of the chosen topics of the presentations.
The organizing committee of the seminar expresses its gratitude to the educators and scientists of the Kharkiv scientific lyceum boarding school ‘Obdarovanist’, Kharkiv Lyceum No. 144, the Department of Medical Chemistry and Biology of the International Humanitarian University (Odessa), the Department of General Chemistry, the Department of Pharmacognosy and Nutrition of the NUPh, who presented their students participating in the event. Special thanks to the 2023 graduates of the NUPh (Kingdom of Morocco) for their participation.
The event once again confirmed that we have a future and this future is in the hands of our gifted youth, who are dynamically developing and confidently integrating into the educational and scientific community.


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