On Monday, 04.03.2013 at 9:00 the NUPh Rector’s Council meeting

Iterdepartmental teaching training classes:

• State of preparation of specialized training classes for first aid skills, specialized classes in Standardization, specialized classes in Phytochemistry

• Second virtual drugstore at the Department of Organization and Economics of Pharmacy

Speakers: heads of the departments prof. Shtrigol S.Yu., prof. Zupanets I.A., prof. Kireev I.V., prof. Gritsenko I.S., prof. Georgiyants V.A., prof. Kislichenko V.S., prof. Khvorost O.P., prof. Nemchenko A.S.

• Location of specialized classes
Speaker: assoc. prof. Vinnik L.M.

As part of the NUPh program “Healthy lifestyle of students and colleagues”:

Work plan of Sports and Fitness facility and Department of Health and Physical Training for 2013

Formation of sports reserve from among students

Arrangement of sports grounds and facilities for sports activities in the hostels.
Speakers: director Loboda S.I., assoc. prof. Arkusha A.A., vice-rector Smolyanik V.T., vice-rector Ivanova K.A.

Preparation for licensed test examinations “KROK – 2. Pharmacy”

Speakers: dean Vishnevskaya L.I., assoc. prof. Ogar S.V.

Computer labs at the departments that are engaged in “KROK”

Speakers: dean Vishnevskaya L.I., assoc. prof. Ogar S.V.

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