On November 15, 2018, the concert dedicated to the International Student Day took place at the NUPh

The first vice-rector of the scientific and pedagogical work of the National Pharmaceutical University A.I. Fedosov, vice-rector of scientific-pedagogical and scientific-research work A.L. Zagayko, vice-rector on scientific-pedagogical and educational work I.V. Kubarev visited the celebration. As well as the deans of the Pharmaceutical Faculty V.J. Kuznetsova and the Faculty of Medical and Pharmaceutical Technologies O.I. Naboka.

The creative collectives of the University cultural center have impressed with the variety of concert numbers again – sensual and fervent songs from soloists of the «Gerdan» folk song ensemble and «Exclusive» vocal studio, new duets and instrumental trios, graceful and elegant girls from the dance groups «Paradise» and «Non-stop», a creative team of student pop miniatures theater «Image». Exclusive cover-band K-on added some drive and rock’n’roll. They sang Ukrainian hits together with the audience. The new project – acoustic trio “Nonsolo”, supported by the vocal duo of Mari Radanarisson (Madagasar) and Yusra Azza (Morocco) was liked be the audience. There were many first-year students as debutants, including Danylo and Irina – hosts of the festival.

The University administration has participated in concert and spectators promotion. Azzana Yusra received the «Vice-rectors Choice Award», Egor Bosniak won the “Audience Choice Award”, and a group of first-year Pharmacy students received the «Most Active Viewer Prize».

NUPh Cultural Center congratulates all students with the International Student’s Day. We wish you an interesting student life, exciting lessons, easy examinations and many like-minded friends!

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