On November 27, 2012, at 14:00 in the auditorium №2 will be held a meeting of the University Academic Council (12 Melnikova, str.).


1. Information message
corresponding member of National Academy of  Sciences of  Ukraine,
professor Chernich Valentin Petrovich
2. Organization of independent work of students at the Technical University of Delft (Netherlands)

Speaker: head of the Pharmacoinformatics Department
professor Penkin Yuriy Mikhailovich
3. Report on work trip to Poland, Slovakia and Austria
head of the Management and Economics of Enterprise Department
professor Posylkina Olga Viktorovna
4. Information message on the anniversary congress of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (Amsterdam) (in English)
  head of the Pharmacotherapy Department
professor Kireev Igor Vladimirovich
5. Report on the work trip to the Czech Republic and the Republic of Latvia
associate professor of Physics Department Zhivotova Elena Nikolaevna
6. Report on work performed at the NUPh College subsequent to the completion of the term of office of the College Principal
The College Principal

associate professor Prokopenko Tina Suleimanovna
7. Report on work performed at the Department of Industrial Pharmacy and Economy;Quality, Standardization and Certification of Medicines of the Institute of Pharmacy Professionals Qualification Improvement in connection with the completion of the term of office of the heads of the departments.


Speaker: head of the Industrial Pharmacy and Economy Department
associate professor Dorovskoy Alexandr Viktorovich;
Speaker: head of the Industrial Technology of Drugs Department
professor Ruban Elena Anatolievna:

Speaker: head of the Clinical Pharmacology Department
professor Zaichenko Anna Vladimirovna:
head of theQuality, standardization and certification Department
professor Garnaya Svetlana Vasilyevna.
8. Current affairs
Members of the Academic Council, taff of departments and structural subdivisions are invited

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