On September, 1, 2012 at the Freedom Square a city-wide dedication to students took place.

During the event a parade of Kharkov higher educational establishments took place at the Square. All freshmen were congratulated on the Day of Knowledge by Kharkiv Mayor Hennadiy Kernes and rectors ofKharkovhirher educational establishments. The chairman of the Kharkiv regional council Serhey Chernov, people’s deputies of Ukraine Irina Berezhna, Irina Gorina, Valery Pisarenko, deputies of the Kharkov town council Anatoliy Denisenko and Vladimir Misik also the took part in the ceremony. 

The honoured guests of the holiday signed in a book “Chronicle of theKharkovstudent days”, in which for the second year already all the names ofKharkovfreshmen are noted down.

In addition, on the holiday the honoured guests participated in an unusual action: they were asked to help freshmen in studies and with three shots of sledge-hammers to brake up symbolic granite of sciences. After that the Torch of Knowledge was set on fire at the Square.

During the event a traditional flash mob also took place. This year it embodied the entire spectrum of knowledge, which the freshmen will obtain: the students of allKharkovhigher educational establishments danced with small flags of seven colors of the rainbow.

The 3rd year student from Tadjikistan Ahdia Mirzakarimova shared her impressions:

My name is Ahdia and I am a student of the National University of Pharmacy (NUPh). On September, 1 this year there was an event: dedication to students, to which I was invited. Because I am a student of the faculty of foreign citizens’ education, we were in national costumes. You can’t imagine what interesting suits there were and how beautiful were the students in them! I have the best impressions and reminiscences of that day. I’ve got many useful and interesting acquaintances, many photos with students and Dean Goryachiy Vladimir Dmitrievich to remember.

As the Dean told us: “Photos and memories will remain for life”! To my mind, the most beautiful was a procession of students from NUPh! And it was so exciting for me, on one side, and staggering, on the other – that marsh that I walked, awfully full with pride, that I study in the National University of Pharmacy, that on this day my teachers were next to me, that I walked next to them, that  I am a STUDENT!

The event did not leave indifferent a single participant. The parade of Kharkov higher educational establishments caused a fountain of emotions on the part of student from Nigeria Eze Chukvunonso, who studies in English:

Firstly, Universities and schools in Ukraine traditionally start school year on Monday, on the 1st of September. This year the 1st of September fell on Saturday and it was unusual for schools and universities to open their doors to their students, teachers, administrators etc. on Saturday. This day wais like a National holiday for all schools, universities in Ukraine and the National University of Pharmacy was not exempted from this holiday celebration.

The administrators of the National University of Pharmacy decided to enlist International students into the celebration. They were asked to bring their traditional and religious dresses to make the event colorful and wonderful!

Everybody was excited! When international students started to arrive and put on their various traditional dresses sighs of admiration and euphoria filled the air!

When everybody was ready, we headed to the Svobody Square of Kharkiv. The Square was filled with patriotic Ukrainian students and citizens. The celebration began with carrying flags of different countries students from which are studying in Kharkiv region.

When it was the turn of the National University of Pharmacy to present , there were pandemonium among the crowd because it is the best University in Ukraine with forth level of accreditation known for Notable graduates and professors, led by the Rector, professor Valentin Chernykh.

On the marsh the University professors, students and all those involved came the globe of University which signifies it is known internationally and also it stands for Unity and while marching lit it up to the sky with everybody shouting “NPhAU”, and clapping hands in unison.

In one word, the celebration was the first of its kind since I came to Ukraine in 2009. I had a great experience and unforgettable memories which I had while studying in the best Pharmacy University in Ukraine.

Long live to NUPh. Long live to Ukraine!

From left to right:

1. Le Thi Hien (Vietnam)

2. Mirzokarimova Ahdia (Tajikistan)

3. Abdullaeva Mahr (Turkmenistan)

4. Al-Zamadi Noor (Iraq)

5. Dean of the faculty of foreign citizens education, Associate Professor Goryachiy Vladimir Dmitrievich

6. Ali Nasser Jafar (Iraq)

7. Sadruldin Kafrin (Iraq)

8. Le Thi Kieu Loan (Vietnam)

9. Dekambi Dekat Delhas (Congo)

10. Aqabi Kristna (Congo)

11. Keseva Marian (Ghana)

12. Agvambu Christina (USA)

13. Kalu Khukvuma Dixon (Nigeria)

14. Pham Thi Fiong (Vietnam)

15. Eze Chukvunonso (Nigeria)

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