An open appeal of the National University of Pharmacy

The multinational staff of the National University of Pharmacy which consists of twenty thousand of students, lecturers, scientists, and employees would like to express the anxiety about tense social and political situation in our native Ukraine. The events of recent days that occurred in Crimea worry and, meanwhile, gather thinking and unindifferent people not only in our country, but also in the whole world.

It grieved us what had happened in the territory of our state. For the peaceful, tolerant people of Ukraine, the existence of foreign army on its territory, provocations into force activity are uncongenial. There are and never were any slightest attempts of prejudice the one’s rights based on national origin, religious, language or any other principle in Ukraine. However, today, due to political gambling the integrity of the country, democracy, human values, and centuries-long good-neighbour relations and fraternity between Ukraine and Russia are threatened with extinction. It is awfully regrettable that we, both Slavic nations of general origin that never had any confrontations for the centuries of general history – occurred in the situation when we are manipulated and forced into bearing arms against each other. Ukrainian and Russian nations have always been together in the hardest life moments!

This is extremely important for all of us to remember that a human life is the highest value of civilization. We would like to call on everybody: let’s stop together the moment when we can cross the point of no return. Any affords to regulate the situation must be done only in accordance with the current international legislation and with no arms.

We are standing for preservation of peace!


Staff of the National University of Pharmacy


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