Pharmacy is one of the oldest spheres of human activity, which originated at the dawn of civilization for satisfaction of the most essential need – to be healthy. There was a word “pharmaki”,meaning “I heal”, engraved on the statue of ancient Egyptian god of wisdom, who, according to the legend, described all general knowledge, including medical. From this root comes the name of science of preparing medicines – pharmacy. It can be said without any exaggeration that pharmacy is one of the fundamental and old branches of medicine. Throughout the history of civilization, prominent scientists of the world have been dedicating their lives to discovery, study and preparation of medicines.

Nowadays doctors have thousands of kinds of drugs at their disposal, which can stop almost any disease. Today drugs can radically change a human’s life, create a “prophylactic barrier” against diseases, provide psychological, emotional harmony with the outside world, give pleasant sense of life’s abundance, working capacity, energy, joy and inspiration.

Ukrainian pharmacy has strong historical traditions. At Soviet times Ukraine was one of “the most pharmaceutical” republics and held leading positions in all spheres of pharmaceutical activity: in education, science, drug manufacture, wholesale and pharmacy networks, quality control service. And Kharkiv is deservedly considered the “pharmaceutical capital”. For it is Kharkiv, where the flagship of national pharmaceutical education – the National University of Pharmacy is situated alongside withthe network of large pharmaceutical production plants, scientific research institutions, advanced pharmacies and the first in Ukraine State Inspection on Medical Drugs Quality Control.

Pharmacists, graduates of “Pharmacy” speciality have the widest choice of working places: pharmacies; pharmaceutical firms;pharmacy depots; analytical laboratories; pharmaceutical factories; scientific research institutions;clinicodiagnostic laboratories at prevention and treatment facilities;chemical-pharmaceutical enterprises; enterprises of biotechnological, microbiological, perfumery and cosmetic branches, agricultural sector; sanitary-epidemiological control authorities; beauty salons; customs control authorities;  economic and marketing structures of enterprises; pharmaceutical business sphere. Pharmacist has the widest range of professional opportunities and has no problems with the employment in any country. Pharmacist is one of the most essential professions and its deserved prestige and honour is confirmed by global experience, by rampant development of pharmacy in the world and particularly in Ukraine, by the high concentration of investments into pharmaceutical branch, by huge profits of pharmaceutical companies. Considerable number of administrative managerial positions in pharmaceutical branch allows for realization of the most venturous plans and satisfaction of creative ambitions; gives wide range of opportunities for pharmacists’ professional growth.

Graduates of medical and pharmaceuticalhigher education institutions of I-II levels of accreditation have the opportunity to continue education with specialization in “Pharmacy” according to the shortened curriculum.

Being a pharmacist meanshaving the decent European salary, high living standard, being a member of intellectual elite.

Being a pharmacist is being a leader, real master of your fate!

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