Piminov Oleksandr F.

Piminov Oleksandr F., Ph. D.,  Professor

Adress: Kharkiv, Maidan  Defenders of Ukraine 17, 61001, IPPQI HUPh

Тel.: +38(057) 732-27-98

E-mail: farmtex-ipksf@nuph.edu.ua




Piminov Olexandr Fomych. He was born June 23, 1945 in Kharkov. 1970 he graduated from the Kharkiv pharmaceutical institute. Since 1969 to 1980 he worked in the Research Chemical-Pharmaceutical Institute as a junior researcher assistant of the laboratory of medical aerosols.

In February 1980 he defended his thesis for a candidate’s degree «Biopharmaceutical and technological researches of ointments with some antibacterial substances». From June 1980 till October 1993 he worked at the Ukrainian Institute of Advanced Medical, Kharkiv.

The title of assistant professor he received in 1987. In March 1990 he defended his doctor’s thesis «Theoretical and technological aspects of the development of new medicinal forms for dentistry». Academic rank of professor he received in 1992.

From October 1993 till February 1995 he worked as Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology Institute of professional development of pharmacy (IPDPh) Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Academy. Since February 1995 transferred to the post Deputy Director of Institute of Pharmacy Professionals Qualification Improvement at Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Academy. From November 1997 until March 2002 served as Deputy Dean the magistracy of Institute of Pharmacy Professionals Qualification Improvement at National University of Pharmacy.

From March 2002 to present works director of Institute of Pharmacy Professionals Qualification Improvement at NUPh.

Awards and honors

  • He was awarded by two Certificates of Honor of Ministry of Health of Ukraine for a weighty contribution to the development of health care and high performance quality.
  • Certificate of Honor of Kharkiv Regional State Administration and Pharmaceutical Management for long conscientious work, special merits in the development of pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine (2005).
  • Certificate of Honor of Main Department of Education and Science of Kharkiv Regional State Administration for long conscientious work, high professional excellence, a significant personal contribution to the preparation pharmaceutical specialists of Ukraine (2008)
  • Certificates of Honor of National University of Pharmacy

Scientific school

Under the supervision of professor O. F. Piminov 2 master’s theses, 10 candidate’s theses and 1 doctor’s dissertation were executed and defended.

Biopharmaceutical improvement of the soft medicinal forms and creation of new drugs for pharmacotherapy of dental diseases is the leading scientific direction of the search function of the school of professor Piminov O. F.

Science followers

Doctoral dissertations

  • Shulga L. I. Scientific substantiation of composition and technology of herbal remedies for preventive dentistry (2013)

Candidate dissertations

  • Mizin P. G. Development of composition, technology and biopharmaceutical evaluation of anti-inflammatory and analgesic preparation for Dentistry (1989)
  • Baglik T. V. Experimental and clinical study of the remineralization drug with anticaries effectiveness (1989)
  • Akhtemyanov Kh. Sh. Orthopaedic methods in the treatment of periodontal diseases (1989)
  • Georgieva L. I. The efficacy of the new formulation for the prevention of enamel hypoplasia complications (1989)
  • Tsyganova N. B. Antrotsizol in treatment of inflammatory periodontal diseases (1992)
  • Davtyan L. L. The technology and the study of dental medicinal membranes for the treatment of patients with inflammatory periodontal diseases (1996)
  • Yakushchenko V. A. Development and research combined preparation with Symphytum officinale extract for the treatment of suppurative inflammation processes in the first, at the transition to the second phase of it’s course (1996)
  • Pechenizka L. О. Development of composition, technology and research combined ointment for the treatment of eczema  (2001)
  • Rolik S. N. Development of composition, technology and investigation of combined stomatological gel (2009 р.)
  • Beztsenna T. S. Development of composition and technology of  stomatological phytomedicine (2016)

Scientific works

Piminov O. F. author has more than 300 scientific works, including articles, copyright certificates, rational proposals, patents, newsletters, educational methodical literature (guidelines, manuals, textbooks).

Prof. Piminov O. F. is the author of articles and a member of the editorial board of direction “Education pharmaceutical” first edition in Ukraine, which have been improved and systematized knowledge of the domestic pharmaceutical industry – “Pharmaceutical Encyclopedia” / K. : “Morion”, 2005. – 848 p.

Teaching disciplines:

  • Pharmaceutical Technology;
  • Biopharmacy;
  • Biotechnology: technological aspects of contemporary forms of targeted drugs, genetic engineering, nanotechnology in pharmacy;
  • Pharmaceutical Technology homeopathic medicinal forms.



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