Sector of international cooperation

Address: 12 Kulikovskaya str., 2nd floor, room. 208

Tel: (057) 706-30-71

Functions of sector:

  • Preparation of cooperation agreements, establishment of relations with higher education institutions, scientific institutions and enterprises of foreign countries, international organizations, foundations, etc;
  • Ensuring the participation of the university in the programs of iinterstate and inter-university exchange of students, postgraduate students, pedagogical, scientific-pedagogical and scientific workers.
  • Ensuring of joint scientific research;
  • Participation in the organization of international conferences, symposia, congresses and other events;
  • Ensuring of participation in international educational and scientific programs
  • Participation in the creation of joint educational and scientific programs with foreign higher education institutions, scientific institutions, organizations;
  • Approval of abroad business trips for pedagogical, scientific-pedagogical, scientific and administrative staff for pedagogical, scientific-pedagogical, scientific and administrative work in accordance with international agreements of Ukraine, as well as agreements between higher education institutions and foreign partners;
  • Involvement of pedagogical, scientific-pedagogical and scientific workers of foreign higher education institutions for participation in pedagogical, scientific-pedagogical and scientific work at the university;
  • Sending of persons with studied at higher education institutions to the higher education institutions abroad for studies;
  • Promoting in academic mobility of academics, pedagogical staff, administrative staff and trainees;
  • Attracting foreign nationals to study in clinical residency training, postgraduate studies, doctoral studies, internships.


Vice president

PhD Upyr Taras




 Specialist of the Academic Mobility Department

Matsko Yana Oleksiivna




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