UDС 615.282:615.322:582.972.3 THE ANTIFUNGAL ACTIVITY OF LIPOPHILIC FACTIONS OF GALIUM SPECIES. Message 3 N.V.Kashpur, O.V.Goryacha, T.V.Ilyina, A.M.Kovalyova, A.Yu.Volyansky, T.P.Osolodchenko

The antifungal activity of chloroform and ethylacetate ethanolic (8:2) fractions of Lady’s Bedstraw (Galium verum L.), Galium salicifolium Klok. and Cruciform Bedstraw (Galium cruciata (L.) Scop.) in relation to 7 test strains of fungi: Geotriichum candidum (Galactomyces geotrichum) Sklyar 9, Zygosaccharo spp. 40 b/2, Cryptococcus neoformans 32609, Rhodoflorula glutinis F-129, Picha anomala 40, Kluveromyces lactis F 116, Aspergillus niger 704 has been studied. It has been found that all fractions showed the antifungal activity in relation to Zygosaccharo spp. and A. niger. In relation to G. candidum lipophilic fractions of Galium verum and Galium cruciata were active. In relation to C. neoformans none of the fractions revealed the activity. In relation to Rh. glutinis, K. lactis and P. anomala the ethylacetate ethanolic (8:2) fractions of Galium salicifolium and Galium verum and the chloroform fraction of Galium cruciata showed the insignificant activity, respectively. The dependence between the content of the main groups of biologically active substances in the fractions studied and the level of their antifungal activity has been revealed.

Key words: Bedstraws, lipophilic fractions, fungi, an antifungal activity, phenolic compounds, terpenoids


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