UDC 615.065:54.061/.062:547.712.22:001.8 ANALYTICAL DIAGNOSTICS OF SULPIRIDE POISONINGS S.V.Bayurka, S.A.Karpushina

Resolution of the generally accepted in forensic and toxicological analysis isolation methods of drugs has been studied with regard to sulpiride by the methods of O.O.Vasilyeva, Stas-Otto, V.Ph.Kramarenko, which allowed to isolate 8.6±1.4%, 18.3±1.8%, 4.9±0.7% of the antidepressant researched, respectively. The possibility of using of Thin Layer Chromatography method, colour reactions, UV-spectroscopy to detect of sulpiride isolated from the biological material has been demonstrated. The assay of sulpiride in the extracts was performed by the extraction spectrophotometry in the visible region according to the ionic associate formation reaction with methyl orange, the acidic azodye. The relative error of the quantitative determination did not exceed 1.9%. The results obtained can be used in chemical and toxicological investigations of the biological material for the content of sulpiride.

Key words: antidepressants; sulpiride; biological material; Thin Layer Chromatography; UV-spectroscopy; extraction spectrophotometry

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