This week on February 16th, the annual mini-football tournament “Cup of the NUPh Rector” started

The opening was marked by a festive parade, hosted by the First Vice-Rector for scientific and pedagogical work, Honored Worker of Science and Technology, Doctor of Pharmacy, Professor A.A. Kotvitska. Among the guests of the long-awaited tournament were: Vice-Rector for scientific and pedagogical work, Doctor of Medicine S.B. Popov, Vice-Rector for Administrative work, master of sports in rowing L.M. Kantsedal, Director of the NUPh College, Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor, Honored Worker of the Pharmacy of Ukraine T.S. Prokopenko, Director of Sports And Fitness Complex of the NUPh S.I. Loboda, Chairman of the Primary Trade Union Organization of students of the NUPh A.A. Deviatkina, Head of the Department of Health and Physical Training V.S. Loboda.

Number of people willing to take part in the competition this year exceeded all expectations. 15 teams – teams of all faculties, courses and nationalities gathered in the united inspiration for victory!

And here it is, a solemn moment, all teams in anticipation listen to the farewell address of the First Vice-Rector, the NUPh flag is brought in to the sounds of students’ anthem “Gaudeamus”, and College students Angelina Prykhodchenko and Anastasia Druzhbia with the song “Odana Kalyna” and dance group of the NUPh College together with restless fans inspire athletes to win the tournament!

The parade is over, the teams are preparing for the competition, and the chief judge of the competition, senior lecturer of the Department of Health and Physical Training L.V. Ocheredko starts the tournament.

Whistle – and the teamsjumped into action!

The first teams to play were “The NUPh College team” and the team “Zhuravlevka.” The game was hot and exciting, with a lot of dangerous moments. Goalkeeper of the NUPh College did his best and took difficult shots, but frivolous Fortune was on the side of “Zhuravlevka” team. The game ended with a score 7: 4 in the favor of “Zhuravlevka”.

Shakua and Podfak played with a score 8:9, NUPh-1 and Moles (Kroty) – 15: 5.

On February 17, the following teams played: NUPh-2 and Luck (12: 1), Aveiro and Dimshadou (3:4), and Reindzhas and Peremoga (Victory) (9:0), Real-Pharm and Youth (1: 9).

Announcement! On February 20, the following competitions will take place: 12-30 NUPh-1: Zhuravlevka, 13-00 Slobozhanets : Youth.

On February 23: 12-30 NUPh -2: Dimshadou, 13-00 Podfak : Reindzhas!

Follow the latest hot details and information about the upcoming matches on the NUPh  site and on the NUPh Students’ Trade Union committee page:

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Good luck to the footballers!

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