Yevtushenko Olena

professor Ievtushenko_fotoYevtushenko Olena  – Doctor of Pharmacy

Address: Kharkiv,  4 Valentynivska str.

Tel. (057) 67-91-72;




Born on 03.06.1971 (Kharkiv). Doctor of Pharmacy (2012), Professor (2015) of the Department of Pharmacy Marketing and Management of NUPh, Kharkiv, Ukraine. Graduated with honors from the Ukrainian Academy of Pharmacy, majoring in Pharmacy (1993). She received second higher education in International Management at the Higher School of Business at Kharkiv State Economic University with the qualification of economist.

Works: assistant (1996-2001); Associate Professor of the Department of Management and Marketing in Pharmacy (since 2001) of NUPh; Professor of the Department of Pharmacy Marketing and Management at the National University of Pharmacy.
Visiting Professor at National Medical University, Almaty.

Areas of research: improvement of marketing policy of enterprises of pharmacy; identifying, assessing and managing sectoral risks at the stages of marketing and consumption of products of pharmacy; pharmaco-economic analysis and modeling of costs for eliminating the effects of adverse drug reactions.

Scientific achievements: author and co-author of more than 120 scientific and research works, among them 2 monographs (co-authors), manuals and workshops, 11 methodological recommendations; has copyrights on a number of works. Participated in the development of the Law of Ukraine “On Medicines”.

Social activities. Member of the commission on specialty 15.00.01 – “Drug technology, organization of pharmacy business and forensic pharmacy”. Participated in the drafting of the Law of Ukraine “On Medicines”, the State Target Program “Development of import-substituting industries in Ukraine and replacement of imported medicines by domestic ones, including biotechnological drugs and vaccines” for 2012-2022.

Courses taught by Yevtushenko O.  :

  • Management and Marketing in Pharmacy;
  • Advertising Management;
  • Marketing Communications;
  • Ethics and Deontology in Pharmacy;
  • Management in Laboratory Medicine. Marketing of medical services.
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