August 30, 2012, Traditional New Student Convocation Ceremony in the main square of the National University of Pharmacy, near the “Pharmacy through centuries” sculptural complex (4 Blukhera str.)

According to a good tradition, established at our university, on August 30, the ceremony of initiation of the first-year students-2013 of the National University of Pharmacy was attended by honorary guests: Deputy Minister of Health R.M. Bogachev, who came to the celebration to our university on the special errand of the head of the Minister of Health R.V. Bogatyryova; Deputy Head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration I.M.Shurma; People’s Deputy of Ukraine, academician of NAMS of Ukraine A.N. Belovol; chairman of Kharkiv regional health trade union of Ukraine A.V. Blagoveshchenskaya.

30.08.2013 посвящение НФаУ_1For matriculated students this day is one of the most joyous and exciting, because they for the first time have crossed the threshold of the university in their new capacity. This year the National University of Pharmacy has received more than two thousand first-year students – talented young people, who own the country’s future. It is noteworthy that in 2013 – the highest competition for admission in the history of the university.

Freshmen Day grand was opened with national anthem of Ukraine and demonstration of the NUPh and the NUPg College banners. The students met the full NUPh Academic Council with applauds. Tomorrow professors will enter the classroom, will lecture, and will look for curious, burning eyes – a special spirit of creativity is always peculiar to the manner of teaching at the National University of Pharmacy.

– You have entered to one of the best universities of our country, – Rector of National University of Pharmacy, Professor V.P. Chernykh said in a greeting speech – The set “crossbar” – to get the NUPh diploma is really very high, and it can not be overcome without hard work, commitment, responsibility for you own future. I am sure in a few years you will proudly begin all acquaintances with the phrase: “I have graduated from the National University of Pharmacy.”

30.08.2013 посвящение НФаУ_2To achieve success in studying wished to the first-year students Deputy Minister of Health – Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Health R.M. Bogachev. Roman Mikhailovich read to the future highly skilled professionals of the industry greetings from the Minister of Health of Ukraine R.V. Bogatyryova and noted:

– Now the NUPh is yours. University gives you the opportunity to get excellent knowledge, and your task is to use the most of this opportunity.

Deputy Head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration I.M.Shurma jointed the greetings from R.M. Bogachev.

– It is important that you start working on your own to get the first results and feel the joy of first success and invention. In addition to professional knowledge during the study you have to learn to be responsible for your actions, and get the skill to work as a team.

30.08.2013 посвящение НФаУ_10People’s Deputy of Ukraine, academician of NAMS of Ukraine A.N. Belovol in his welcome speech emphasized the fact that the NUPh creates standards of education, preparing the elite of society and ultimately determines the power of the industry.

– To study at this university has always been prestigious. Increase the glory of the National University of Pharmacy, – emphasized Aleksandr Nikolaevich.

 Happiness, victory and academic achievements wished to freshmen chairman of Kharkiv regional health trade union of Ukraine A.V. Blagoveshchenskaya.

Greetings and best wishes were addressed to first-year students by director of the NUPh College, associate professor T.S. Prokopenko; dean of the Pharmacy Faculty, Professor L.I. Vishnevskaya; dean of the Medical-Pharmaceutical Faculty, professor O.I. Naboka; Dean of the Industrial Pharmacy Faculty, associate professor T. V. Krutskikh; dean of the Economics and Management Faculty, associate professor V. V. Maliy.

In a festive and solemn atmosphere that reigned around, freshmen received a symbolic key of knowledge and the main documents of the student: a student card and grade book, and then uttered the oath of the student. From now freshmen are full member of the students’ “family”.

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