In October 2013 Publishing Center of the National University of Pharmacy celebrates its 20th anniversary

In order to publish high-quality textbooks – new textbooks prepared by the researchers of the university – in 1993 in the National Pharmaceutical University (at that moment Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Academy) was created Publishing Center.

– Initiated by the Rector Valentin Petrovich Chernykh, creation of Publishing Center was aimed at accomplishment of quite complex and important task. We had not only to provide our students with new textbooks, but from the very beginning to create Ukrainian textbooks on pharmacy. As the major higher education institution in this field the NUPh had to take on this task – says the director of the Publishing Center professsor Aleksandr Mikhaylovich Kotenko.

Yzdatel-skyj-tsentr-NFaU– Our own textbooks were badly needed by the Ukrainian pharmaceutical higher education: centralized supply, so habitual during the Soviet Union time, had stopped, the scientific state publications can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

 During 20 years of its existence PublishingCenter of the National University of Pharmacy has published 143 textbooks, 766 training manuals (including 293 approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine), 80 monographs, 1356 guidelines, 97 scientific guidelines, 444 types of other publications. In general, from 1993 to 2013 it had been published 2890 editions with a total circulation of more than 1 million copies.

Educational process in the NUPh is fully supplied with textbooks in Russian and Ukrainian languages, and for about 90% with textbooks and teaching materials in English language for foreign students.

Publications in English were always given a lot of attention in the NUPh. From 2001 to 2013, the university created and published 10 textbooks in English and 100 teaching guides, 33 of which are classified by MES and MH of Ukraine.

Yzdatel-skyj-tsentr-NFaU-knygyIn 2007 PublishingCenter of the NUPh prepared “Digital library of educational editions of the NUPh” on two CDs: “The humanitarian and fundamental disciplines” and “Professionally oriented disciplines”, which contains electronic versions of 180 educational editions of the university. In the halls of the library and via the Internet students can use electronic versions of almost all educational editions of the university.

Study materials of the National University of Pharmacy constantly wins prizes at the exhibitions organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and were repeatedly awarded state awards.

– High recognition at the state level received textbook by V.P.Chernykh, B.S.Zimenkovskiy, I.S. Gritsenko “Organic Chemistry” (in three volumes) – by Decree of President of Ukraine № 1302/2000 dd. 5.12.2000, it was awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology . Textbook is published in three languages ​​- Ukrainian, Russian, English, – told A.N. Kotenko. – Educational editions by our academic staff are well known outside Ukraine, it is used by teachers and students in many CIS countries. Many of our publications are unique: “Pharmaceutical encyclopedia “, “From substance to medicines”, “Pharmacy of Ukraine”, “History of the National University of Pharmacy” and others.

PublishingCenter also issues: scientific journals “News of Pharmacy” (established in 1993), “Clinical pharmacy” (established in 1997), “Journal of organic and pharmaceutical chemistry” (from 1999 to 2003 – “Physiologically active substances”), and newspaper “Youth of Pharmacy”. Each magazine is issued four times a year, has electronic versions on the websites of the V.I. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine and the NUPh. Journals recognized by State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of Ukraine are abstracted in refereed journals “Source” (Kiev), “Chemistry” VINITI (Moscow) and “Chemical Abstracts” (USA).

Together with the publication of scientific-methodological literature Publishing Center issues presentational and informational materials. In big demand among prospective students is presentational and informational table “Periodic table of elements of D.I.Mendeleev” with information about the National University of Pharmacy, which is issued every year not only in Ukrainian and Russian, but also in English, German, French, Arabic, and Chinese.

– In our nearest plans is to translate scientific journals the NUPh for publication in English in order to represent scientific achievements of the NUPh scientists abroad and introduction of the NUPh scientific journals to such international scientometric bases as MedLine, Web of Science, Inspec, Scopus and others – said director of the Publishing Center.


Adapted from the article by Larisa Karabitsyna, the NUPh newspaper

Photo Gennadiy Yamnitskiy

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