On January 24th, 2018 at NUPh the first show-lecture “Benefit of a Medicine” was held.

The project was held under the patronage of the NUPh rector prof. A.A. Kotvitska. This is the first and special project, a kind of pedagogical experiment, which aims at introducing principles of drugs creating to the first-year students, so that later, mastering the discipline, they will understand orientation of the material outlined. During the show, students’ audience have seen the subject of further study and experiments in laboratories, found out what miracles of the Science are waiting for students for all the years being taughed at the University.

The ideologist scientist, initiator and production director of the show-lecture was the NUPh Honorary Rector prov. Chernykh V.P. The teaching staff of 10 University’s departments has been working over the new project.

The event was attended by the NUPh rector prof. A.A. Kotvitska, the Honorary NUPh Rector, academician of NASc of Ukraine V.P. Chernykh and Heads of University’s departments – “main actors” of show-lectures. The curtain of secrets of Pharmacy was revealed to future specialists by:

Head of Dept. of Chemistry of Natural Compounds prof. V.S. Kislicheko;

Head of Dept. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry prof. V.А. Georgiyants;

Head of Dept. of Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy prof. І.А. Zupanets;

Head of Dept. of Technology of Drugs prof. Т.G. Yarnykh;

Head of Dept. of Industrial Technology of Drugs prof. E.А. Ruban;

Head of Dept. of Management and Economics of Enterprises prof. О.V. Posylkina;

Head of Dept. of Organization and Economics of Pharmacy prof. A.S. Nemchenko;

Head of Dept. of Pharmaceutical Management and Marketing prof. І.V. Pestun;

Head of Dept. of Social Pharmacy assoc. prof. І.V. Кubareva.

During the break, a demonstration of experiments was carried out.

Conducting a lecture as a show, attracting leading researchers of the University provides a unique status, allow realizing  such values ​​of the University as aim at improvement, team style of work, give-and-take relationship between lecturers and students.

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