On September 1, 2021, a physiotherapy room was opened

A physiotherapy room was opened at the National University of Pharmacy in preparation for the 100th anniversary on the first of September.

The University is socially responsible for the training of qualified personnel. As a healthcare educational establishment, the National University of Pharmacy pays attention to a range of educational programs, focusing on the demands of society.

These days the University has “Physical Therapy” as one of the recently opened authorial programs.

Physical therapy and Physical Rehabilitation are the ways of treatment and prevention of various diseases with the help of physical exercises aimed at restoring the health, physical condition and working capacity of patients.

The aim of specialists in Physical Therapy is to achieve complete recovery of body functions, complications prevention, realization of physical, mental and social human potential.

For high-quality training of specialists in Physical Rehabilitation, the National University of Pharmacy has expanded its material and technical base by opening a physiotherapy room, where applicants for higher education of the educational program “Physical Therapy” Specialty 227 Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy will practice their skills.

The Rector of the National University of Pharmacy Alla Kotvitska greeted the participants of the grand opening of the physiotherapy room. Hanna Tamozhanska, the Head of the Department of Physical Rehabilitation and Health, was speaking about the peculiarities of the field of physiotherapy treatment.

The opening was attended by University staff and the Community of applicants for higher education.

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