Salo Dmitriy Pavlovich (1923-1980)

Rector of Kharkov Pharmaceutical Institute, 1971-1980

Dmitriy Pavlovich Salo was born on November 26, 1923 on the farm Pomyluykovka (now Borovsky district, Kharkiv region). In 1951 he graduated from Kharkov Pharmaceutical Institute (KhPhI), then finished postgraduate course there. He worked in KhPhI as assistant lecturer, associate professor and head of the Department of Pharmacy-based Technology of Drugs. In 1968 he defended his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Pharmacy on “Application of clay minerals for the preparation of drugs.” In 1970, D.P. Salo was awarded the title of professor. He developed three drugs, one of which was authorized for industrial production.

Doctor of Pharmacy, professor, founder of the scientific school, USSR State Award prize-winner, he was awarded the certificate of the (I)st level, (I)st degree diploma and medal of ENEA (Exhibition of the National Economy Achievements) of the USSR. He is a participant of the Great Patriotic War. For military and labor services he was awarded seven medals. He is a member of the All-Union and chairman of the Republican problem committees “Pharmacy”, member of the HAC (Higher Attestation Commission) Presidium under the USSR Council of Ministers, head of the Specialized Council of KhPhI.

During the rectorship of Dmitriy Pavlovich in 1972, with the view of more efficient work and the learning process management in KhPhI was organized a new unit – science department. According to the decree of the Ministry of Healthcare from November 2, 1972 – “On the improvement of teaching and methodical work in higher medical education” – in the institute were established five methodical committees: pharmaceutical, physical, chemical, biomedical, social science and Russian and foreign languages. Methodical work of the institute was managed by the Central methodical committee.

Under the direction of Dmitriy Pavlovich Institute departments continued to work on various fundamental and applied scientific problems. Department of Inorganic Chemistry studied the synthesis of biologically active compounds, conducted the research of their physical and chemical properties; Organic Chemistry Department was engaged in the research of the biologically active compounds in the series of oxamic acids and their transformation products, and worked on the creation of the theoretical framework for the direct synthesis. Department of Analytical Chemistry, which was united with the Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry, conducted polarographic research of organic compounds and developed methods of analysis and synthesis of biologically active substances. Departments of Microbiology and Biochemistry performed a general work on the study of biochemical processes of bacterial cells and the impact of antibiotics. Department of Pharmacognosy studied phenolic compounds.

Successful academic work and research activities of the institute under the direction of Dmitry Pavlovich Salo allowed KhPhI since 1974 to teach foreign specialists of highest qualification at the postgraduate school. To improve the quality of foreign experts in 1977 began to operate the Department of Russian as foreign language. Heretofore the teaching of Russian to foreigners was conducted within the Department of Foreign Languages. Of great importance for the formation of scientific knowledge of the students had their work in scientific circles of the departments of KhPhI.

With the personal involvement of Dmitry Pavlovich Salo, since 1975, at the Specialized Council of KhPhI the defense of doctoral thesis in technology and pharmacy management was allowed.

The indication of high level of the scientific achievements of the KhPhI research and teaching staff under the direction of Rector Dmitry Pavlovich Salo is, certainly, the fact that in 1977 at the institute problematic Republican committee “Pharmacy” began to work, which previously functioned in Kiev at the Institute of Advanced   Training for doctors.

In 1979 KhPhI was the site of the IIIrd Congress of Pharmacists of Ukraine. Rector led the work on preparation and conducting of the congress. Institute was proud: for the period from 1971 to 1980 in KhPhI were prepared and carried out the graduation of 2000 pharmacists, members of the institute defended 49 theses.

D.P. Salo is an author of over 150 publications. He taught courses on “Pharmacy-based technology of drugs”. Dmitriy Pavlovich founded a school of biopharmaceutical research formulations and developed new additives for creation of various medicinal forms, and initiated the consolidation and further development of the resource base of the Institute. He has trained three doctors and 11 candidates of sciences.

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