The National University of Pharmacy took part in the national exhibition action “Barvysta Ukraina “

In pursuance of the Decree of the President of Ukraine from 24.09.05 № 1337 on August, 14 – 17, 2012 on territory of the National Complex  “Expocenter of Ukraine” an annual national exhibition action “Barvysta Ukraina “ and All-Ukrainian competition “The best domestic product of  the year” within its the framework, took place.

The organizers of the exhibition action are: ministries, other central executive bodies, Council of ministers of the Autonomous Republic Crimea, regional, Kyiv andSevastopolmunicipal state administrations.

Last year’s exhibition action “Barvysta Ukraina” that was dedicated to 20th Anniversary of Ukraine’sIndependence united over 800 participants from 24 regions ofUkraine. Among the displays: well-known inUkraine and abroad enterprises, activity of which presents basis of state economy.

An integral part of the national exhibition action “Barvysta Ukraina” is All-Ukrainian competition “The best domestic product of  the year”, where hi-tech products, goods and services that are introduced into the internal and external markets are nominated.

The exhibition “Barvysta Ukraina” is accompanied with the set of presentation, cultural and art events, in particular, with the realization of the festival “Mustetski barvu”, Days of the regions, Fair dedicated to 20th Anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence and ethnographic display “Craftsmen’s village” with presentation of works of applied art artists of Ukraine regions.

High achievements in the development of international activity of the university were marked with a medal “The best domestic product of 2012″ and the diploma of winner in the nomination “Education. International activity”.

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