Kyslychenko Viktoriia S.

Kyslychenko Viktoriia Serhiivna, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Chemistry of Natural Compounds, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Academician of the All-Ukrainian Public Organization “Higher Education Academy of Ukraine”.

Department of Chemistry of Natural Compounds

Address: 61168, Kharkiv 4 Valentynivska str., chemical campus building, 4 floor;

Tel/fax: (0572) 67-93-63,



Viktoriia S. Kyslychenko was born on September 24, 1958 in Kharkiv in a family of scientists-pharmacists. She entered Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Institute in 1975 and graduated from it in 1980 with honours. After graduation Viktoriia S. Kyslychenko worked by referral at the scientific and research institute of endocrinology and hormones’ chemistry in the laboratory of drug technology, and from 1981 till 1982 – a chemist-analyst in Salsk interdistrict office of Rostov regional pharmaceutical administration. From 1982 she worked as a teacher of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry of Kharkiv Pharmaceutical University, where she was giving general and inorganic chemistry to the students of pre-university faculty.  September 1, 1982 she was enlisted to the doctoral school with day release of the Department of Pharmacognosy of Kharkiv Pharmaceutical University. During her studies at the doctoral school Viktoriia S. Kyslychenko was an active community organizer – a curator of Kenyan, Syrian and Peruvian communities. After graduation from the doctoral school she was organizing the work in those communities for 14 more years. In 1985 under the supervision of Professor Ivan F. Makarevych and Professor Oleksandr I. Pavliy Viktoriia S. Kyslychenko has defended the thesis “Phytochemical study in the raw of cardenolides and flavonols” for the Candidate of Sciences degree. After graduation from the doctoral school in 1985 she worked as an assistant of the Department of Pharmacognosy, from 1990 – as a senior teacher, and from 1992 – as an associate professor of the same department. In 1999 she defended the thesis “Pharmacognostic study of the Grossulariaceae, Celastraceae, Scrophulariaceae families’ representatives and working out medicines on their basis” for the Doctor of Sciences degree. Professor Volodymyr M. Kovaliov was the academic advisor of the work. From 2000 till 2003 Viktoriia S. Kyslychenko she combined the work at the  Department of Pharmacognosy with discarging the duties of the Deputy Head of the Scientific methodological laboratory on pharmaceutical education. In 2002 Viktoriia S. Kyslychenko was awarded the academic degree of a professor. Since 2004 she has been the Head of the Department of Chemistry of Natural Compounds of NUPh.

Professor Viktoriia S. Kyslychenko has developed 21 medicine, produced by pharmaceutical industry and sold by pharmacy networks, such as “Lantoside”, “Holy Thistle Seed Oil”, “Holy Thistle Seed Fiber”, coated tablets “Hoodia”, medicinal balsam “Vitagren”, complex tincture “Tymyanivka”, species “Hepaphyt-1”, “Phytotea for dissolving kidney stones”, dietary supplements “Immune protection”, “Tablets with broccoli extract”. A medicine with antiallergic properties “Glucoribin” (tablets and ointment) is being introduced into pharmaceutical production at Pharmaceutical company “Zdorovie” Ltd. The Gastric, Pectoral and Broncholytic species have been introduced into pharmaceutical production at “Lubnypharm” Ltd.


  1. Badge of Honor “For the scrupulous and strong performance, professionalism” (2017),
  2. NUPh Badge of Honor “Golden Book of Honors” (2017),
  3. NUPh Diploma for the participation in the contest “Best educational and methodical manual of the year” for the edition “Pharmacognosy”, nomination “Best textbook” (2017),
  4. NUPh Diploma for the participation in the contest “Best educational and methodical manual of the year” for the edition “Method of preparation and giving laboratory classes in Pharmacognosy”, nomination “In aid of a techer” (2017),
  5. IInd degree Diploma in the nomination “NUPh Best Department. Top 10”
  6. Certificate of Kharkiv Regional Council (2013),
  7. Scholarship Award in the Scientific Area nd. a. Mykola O. Valiashko (in Pharmacy, 2011),
  8. Certificates of Appreciation of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (2005, 2007, 2010);
  9. Certificate of the Union of Organizations of Employers of Medical and Microbiological Industry of Ukraine (2008),
  10. Diploma of the participant of regional contest “Higher School of Kharkiv Region – the Best Names” in the nomination “Scientist” (2008);
  11. Diploma of the participant of regional contest “Higher School of Kharkiv Region – the Best Names” in the nomination “Lecturer of the Profession-Oriented Subjects” (2006);
  12. Certificate of Appreciation of Kyiv District Council of Kharkiv (2004);
  13. Certificate of Acknowledgement of the Head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration (2000),
  14. Certificates of Appreciation and Letters of Acknowledgement of the National University of Pharmacy.

Grant – Swedish Institute Scholarship holder (Visby Programme), 2010 – 2012.

Social activity: member of the NUPh Scientific Council, NUPh Central Methodical Commission, NUPh Specialized Scientific Council, Scientific Council of the faculties in the “Pharmacy” specialty of NUPh, NUPh Approbatory commissions in specialties 15.00.02, 15.00.03 and 14.03.05, Problem Commission “Pharmacy” of the Ministry of Health and Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine, Head of the Phytochemical Research branch of the NUPh Problem Commission.

Scientific School:

Viktoriia S. Kyslychenko has prepared 4 Doctors and 29 Candidates of Sciences in specialty 15.00.02 – pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy. She has created the scientific school of pharmacognosy specialists at NUPh. Her disciples (Doctors of Sciences) have already prepared 9 PhD’s (Pharmacy). Under the supervision of Professor Viktoriia S. Kyslychenko 3 post-doctoral and 5 doctoral theses are being performed.

The central areas of focus of Professor Viktoriia S. Kyslychenko and her disciples are:

  • Study of medicinal, agricultural plants, synthesis of natural flavonoid, anthraquinone, cardenolide, coumarin analogues and development of medicines with various biological action on their basis;
  • the search of new sources of medicinal, agricultural, fruit and berry plants, plant material and raw material of animal origin for the complexes of biological active compounds obtaining;
  • isolation of individual compounds by the means of physical and chemical methods, determination of their structure;
  • chemical synthesis and chemical modification of studied compounds, including complete synthesis and analogue and derivatives synthesis for the purpose of structure confirmation, determination of the connection of the structure with biological activity;
  • standardization of the prospective types of plant and animal material, obtained on its basis substances and phytoremedies;
  • working out Quality Control Methods for the plant and animal material, as well as phytoremedies;
  • scientific and technical expertise of the standard operating procedures for the plant and animal remedies’ industrial production;
  • industrial introduction of prospective inventions.

Dissertations performed under the supervision of Professor Viktoriia S. Kyslychenko

Theses for the Doctor of Sciences degree:

  1. Artur V. Martynov – “Connatural biopolmers and their polyanionic derivatives: development of medicines on their basis” (2004);
  2. Iryna Zhuravel – “A pharmacognostic study of plants from Zingiberaceae, Asclepiadaceae, Asteraceae, Lythraceae, Urticaceae families and creation of remedies on their basis” (2011);
  3. Inna I. Ternynko – “Pharmacognostic study of Asteraceae, Apiaceae, Salicaceae families’ representatives and creation of remedies on their basis” (2012),
  4. Larysa V. Lenchyk– “Current approaches to the cultivation and collection of the plant material of Rosaceae family plants and obtaining phytoremedies on their basis”, the defense is planned in 2017,
  5. Vadym A. Khanin – “Scientific and theoretical substantiation of current approaches to the development of chromatographic methods of drug analysis”,
  6. Uliana V. Karpiuk – “Phytochemical study of the plants for hemostasis normalization and creation of new phytoremedies for its regulation”,
  7. Andrii I. Fedosov– “Theoretical substantiation and practical solving of the problem of multicomponent herbal species development, standardization and production”

Theses for the Candidate of Sciences degree:

  1. Adel Ahmad Khalil Abu Yousef– “Pharmacognostical study of leaves of some Jordanian (Palestinian) grade grape cultural” (2003);
  2. Olena I. Neshcheret– “Pharmacognostic study of Betula verrucosa leaves” (2005);
  3. Nataliia B. Burd– “ Pharmacognostic study of some species of Amaranth genus plants” (2006);
  4. Viktoriia Yu. Kuznetsova– “The study of Vitis vinifera biologically active substances and creation of drugs on their basis” (2006);
  5. Olena M. Novosel– “Pharmacognostic studies of some Malus and Pyrus species representatives” (2007);
  6. Viktoriia V. Velma– “Phytochemic study of species of Sambucus genus plants and development of medicines on their basis” (2008);
  7. Inna M. Vladymyrova– “Pharmacognostic studies of cabbage of broccoli and development of medications on its basis” (2008);
  8. Petrishcheva  – “Pharmacognostic study of UrticaL. genus plants” (2008);
  9. Zynaida I. Omelchenko– “Phytochemical study of Setaria italica and a creation of medicine on its basis” (2008);
  10. Hanna S. Bolokhovets – “Pharmacognostic study of Milk thistle” (2008);
  11. Uliana V. Karpiuk – “Pharmacognostic study of Glycine hispidacommercial species and creation of drug substances on its basis” (2009);
  12. Yana V. Dyakonova– “Pharmacognostical study of Echinacea pallida” (2009);
  13. Ilarion V. Iaroshenko– “Phytochemical study of Orchis genus plants and development of medical species for overweight correction” (2010);
  14. Viktoriia P. Popovych– “Pharmacognostic study of of Cerasus genus plants representatives” (2010);
  15. Igor M. Shevtsov – “Pharmacognostic study of Allium cepa and obtaining medical substances on its basis” (2011);
  16. Andrii I. Popyk– “Pharmacognostic study of the Syringa genus representatives and phytoremedies obtaining on their basis” (2012);
  17. Olga A. Puzak – “Pharmacognostic study of the Armeniaca and Persica genera representatives ” (2012);
  18. Iryna G. Zinchenko – “Pharmacognostic study of tyfon” (2013);
  19. Iryna S. Burlaka– “Pharmacognostic study of Calamagrostis epigeios (L.) Roth. and Deschampsia caespitosa (L.) Beauv.” (2013);
  20. Iuliia S. Tseliuba – “Pharmacognostic study of the Spongillagenus species” (2014),
  21. Kateryna S. Musiienko– “Pharmacognostic study of Ligustrum vulgare and working out substances on its basis” (2014),
  22. Olga A. Zotikova– “Pharmacognostic study of Petroselium sativum” (2015),
  23. Nataliia A. Sushchuk – “Pharmacognostic study of the products of blackcurrant integrated processing and working out phytomedicines on their basis” (2015),
  24. Igor K. Katsuba– “Pharmacognostic study of Tussilago farfara” (2015),
  25. Inna M.Sakhatska – “Pharmacognostic study of Paeonia genus plants” (2015),
  26. Anastasiia A.Voloshyna – “Pharmacognostic study of common mullein and working out phytoremedies on its basis” (2016),
  27. Iuliia S.Kolesnyk – “Pharmacognostic study of Capsella bursa pastoris (L.) Medik.” (2016),
  28. Hanna A.Krutskykh – “Pharmacognostic study of Linaria vulgaris», the defense is planned in 2017,
  29. Denys O. Mezentsev– “Pharmacognostic research on Desmodium canadense of Perseus variety”, the defense is planned in 2017,
  30. Serhii G.Musiienko – “Pharmacognostic study of bay laurel leaves and shoots”,
  31. F. Navruzova– “Pharmacognostic study of the Tajik species of peach (Persica vulgaris Mill.) plant material”,
  32. Yevhen A. Dovhal– “Pharmacognostic research on narrowleaf cattail (Typha angustifolia)”,
  33. Iuliia Ye. Shymorova– “Pharmacognostic study of parsnip (Pastinaca sativa)”.
  34. Aliya S. Mamatova – “Pharmacognostic, technological study of Artemisia Gmelinii and creation of phytosubstances on its basis”.

Membership in specialized organizations: editorial boards member of 4 professional journals – “Pharmaceutical Journal”, “Ukrainian Biopharmaceutical Journal”, “ScienceRise: Pharmaceutical Science”, “Annals of Mechnikov Institute”; editorial council of “Pharmaceutical Encyclopedia of Ukraine”. Viktoriia S. Kyslychenko is an active member of the The American Society of Pharmacognosy and International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), International Social Organization “Association of producers, developers and operators of the market of special food products and medical and preventive cosmetic products”.

Published works

Professor Viktoriia S. Kyslychenko is the author and co-author of 5 textbooks, 14 handbooks, 3 reference books and 3 monographs, over 50 methodical recommendations, a series of work programs.



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List of Scientific Published Works

Viktoriia S. Kyslychenko is the author of over 1050 scientific works, 4 certificates of authorship and 68 patents of Ukraine and Russia.

Articles in foreign specialized scientific journals 

  1. Isolation and Identification of some Primary Metabolites, Micro- and Macroelements of Aesculus hippocastanum L. Seeds / U. V. Karpiuk, Z. H. M. Abudayeh, V. S. Kyslychenko, O. І.Y emelianova // International Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemical Research. – 2017. – V. 9(1). – P. 108-113.
  2. Кузнецова В.Ю. К вопросу о стандартизации травы пастушьей сумки / В.Ю. Кузнецова, В.С. Кисличенко, Г.М. Саякова // Фармация Казахстана. – 2017. – №11. – С. 46-48.
  3. Исследование полисахаридов пармелии жемчужной слоевищ / В. А. Пинкевич, А. А. Кисличенко, Е. Н. Новосел, В. С. Кисличенко // Вестник ВГМУ (Беларусь). – 2017. – Том 16, №1. – С. 111-116.
  4. Изучение аминокислотного состава диетической добавки альцинара методом ВЭЖХ / Федосов А.И., Добровольный А.А., Шаламай А.В., Кисличенко В.С., Новосел Е.Н. // Рецепт (Беларусь). – 2017. – №6. – С. 551-557.
  5. Кузнецова В.Ю. Анализ украинского фармацевтического рынка лекарственных средств, применяемых для лечения урологических заболеваний / Кузнецова В.Ю., Кисличенко В.С., Сущук Н.А. // Рецепт (Беларусь). – 2017. – №6. – С. 622-628.
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  8. Identification and determination of quantitative content of flavonoids in herb of Desmodium canadense (L.) DC. variety Persei / D. Mezenthev, M. F. Dababneh, V. Kyslychenko, N. Burda // Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research – 2016. – V. 8(9). – Р. 164-166.
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Articles in Ukrainian specialized scientific journals 

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Subjects given by Professor Viktoriia S. Kyslychenko:

  • Pharmacognosy (for Ukrainian and foreign citizens studying in English)
  • Pharmacognosy with the Basics of Phytocosmetics
  • Chemistry of Biologically Active Compounds of Medicinal Plants

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