Popov Serhii B.

Popov Sergiy Borisovych – phD, professor.

Kharkiv, vul. Pushkinska 53;

(057) 706-20-79

Popov Sergiy Borisovych was born in Visokopillya, Donetsk region. In 1983, he graduated from Kharkiv medical university. While being a student, he worked as a nurse in Kharkiv Research Institute of General and Emergency Surgery (1981-1983). From 1984 till 1987 Popov Sergiy Borisovych was a general practitioner in Emergency department of Balakliya Central district hospital, Kharkiv region. He has been working in NUPh from 1988 consequentially at positions of an assistant professor, associate professor (from 1990) of the Department of physiology and pathology, professor of the Department of clinical pharmacology with pharmaceutical care (from 1993). From 2008 until now he has been Vice-Rector for scientific and pedagogic work (international relations). Popov Sergiy Borisovych obtained a PhD degree for the thesis “Chronobiological aspects of action of ortofen” in 1989 under the guidance of prof. A. I. Bereznyakova. Later he also wrote doctoral thesis “Derivatives of 4-acetylsuccinate acid – regulators of blood coagulation system” which was completed in 1992. S. B. Popov was awarded with a title of Professor in 2001.


-Diploma of the Department of Education and Science of Kharkiv Regional State Administration,

-Winner of the regional competition «Higher School of Kharkiv – the best names” in the nomination “Teacher of professionally-oriented subjects”,

-Diploma of Ministry of Health of Ukraine (2001, 2003),

-Medal “For achievements in the field of international education” second degree (2012)

-Diploma of State Service for Drugs (2013).

As Vice-Rector for scientific and pedagogical work (international relations) of the National University of Pharmacy, Popov S. B. establishes educational, scientific and cultural relations with foreign universities in his regular business trips to Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Morocco, Italy, Spain and others. He has also won grants in programmes on clinical trials resulting in trips to Great Britain, USA and Germany.

SB Popov has individual membership in the European Association of clinical pharmacists.

  1. Scientific School. 6 phD degrees were achieved under the guidance of prof. SB Popov:
  2. Paskevich O. I. “Research of derivatives of 4-acetylsuccinate acid which have haemostatic activity” (14.03.07 – pharmacology) (1996 p.).
  3. Gotovkіna V. V. “Pharmacological study of anti-inflammatory properties of 6-aminohexanoic acid” (14.00.25 – pharmacology, clinical pharmacology) (2001 p.).
  4. Bereznyakova N. L. “Research of propionic acid derivatives which have antirheumatic activity” (14.00.25 – pharmacology, clinical pharmacology) (2002 p.).
  5. Otrіshko I. A. “Experimental rationale for usage of combination of glucosamine hydrochloride and diclofenac sodium in osteoarthrosis” (14.03.05 – pharmacology) (2005 p.).
  6. Zupanets K. O. “Experimental rationale for usage of combination of glucosamine derivatives with quercetin in different variants of osteoarthritis” (14.03.05 – pharmacology) (2011 p.).
  7. Bereznyakov A. V. “Pharmacological research of a new combined ointment “Glitacid”, which is based on dry extract of licorice” (14.03.05 – pharmacology) (2012 p.).

S. B. Popov is an author and co-author of more than 450 scientific works.

Practical guides (2016):

  1.  Фармацевтична опіка: практичний посібник / І. А. Зупанець, В. П. Черних, С. Б. Попов та ін.; [за ред. І. А. Зупанця та В. П. Черниха]. – Київ: Фармацевт Практик, 2016. – 208 с.

Reference books (2016):

  1. Rx-index – довідник еквівалентності лікарських засобів / І. А. Зупанець, В. П. Черних, Є. П. Прудкий, О. О. Тарасенко, Г. В. Зайченко, К. Л. Косяченко, Н. П. Безугла, С. Б. Попов, О. С. Чабан, С. А. Савич, М. А. Цховребашвілі; [за ред. І. А. Зупанця та В. П. Черниха]. – Київ: Фармацевт Практик, 2016. – 848 с.

Main areas of scientific and medical work: pharmacological correction of inflammatory and destructive diseases of connective tissue, bioequivalence studies, implementation of drug monitoring as a factor of more effective and safer pharmacotherapy.

Articles (2016):

  1. Вивчення впливу препарату «Диклокор» на експериментально індуковану больову реакцію у щурів / О. С. Попов, С. К. Шебеко, С. Б. Попов, І.А. Зупанець // Ліки України плюс. – 2016. – № 1 (26). – С. 70-73.

Hirsch index (h-index): 3,0

S. B. Popov gives lectures on clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical care for Ukrainian and foreign students of both full-time and part-time forms of education.

From 2008 until now Popov S. B. has been Vice-Rector for scientific and pedagogic work (international relations). S. B. Popov carries out multifaceted community activities:

-Member of the working group of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on the development of higher education in the specialty “Laboratory diagnosis”;

-Chief researcher of the Clinical Pharmacy Department of Clinical testing Department in Sector of coordination and control of clinical trials of State Expert Center Ministry of health of Ukraine;

-Inspector of the Committee on Drugs of Ministry of Health of Ukraine in Kharkiv region;

-Member of the editorial board of the journal “Clinical Pharmacy”;

-Member of the Rector’s Council;

-Member of the Scientific Board of Pharmacy;

-Member of the Council of Vice-Rectors for International Relations at the Kharkiv State Administration for Education.

Hobbies. Photography, skiing.