Another public lecture by Minister of Public Healthof Ukraine Raisa Bogatyryova conducted on April 30, 2013, was devoted to transplantation, its present, future, legal and ethical aspects

Minister of Public Health of Ukraine, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, D.Sc. in Medicine, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, professor, vice-president of World Health Assembly for European Region Raisa Bogatyryova conducted the on-line lecture at KharkivNationalMedicalUniversity. Read more

On April 15 – 20, 2013 at the National University of Pharmacy (Kharkiv) with the support of the Kharkiv Regional Employment Center will be held a career guidance week for the NUPh students and NUPh College students “Find your place in profession”

During the week, starting from April 15, university and college students had an opportunity to attend thematic seminars, workshops and training sessions conducted by specialists of Kharkiv city center of employment and top managers of the leading recruitment companies.