Postgraduate Studies Department

NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF PHARMACY invites foreign citizens to postgraduate studies to obtain a scientific degree “Doctor of Philosophy” (Ph. D.) Specialties of Postgraduate Studies Department: 226 Pharmacy, 222 Medicine, 091 Biology; Previous education – complete higher education, Master’s (Specialist) Degree; Duration of training – up to 4 years; Financing – at the expense of legal … Continue reading Postgraduate Studies Department

Department of innovation management

Address: 61002, 53 Pushkinska str., Kharkiv Tel./fax:  (057) 706-30-71 E-mail: Head of the Department: Kaida Alina Oleksandrivna The Department of Innovation Management is a structural subdivision of the National University of Pharmacy, which provides management and coordination of research work at the University. Main directions of activities Scientific and organizational activities (control and coordination … Continue reading Department of innovation management

Medicines introduced into manufacture

Medicines introduced into manufacture

Antisept-apy Foam formation sticks for veterinary using Antisept-apy is used for prevention and treatment of endometritis at  cattle. (In details) Apiprost Apiprostum (Capsules) Apiprost is applied at acute and chronic bacterial prostatitis in complex therapy with antibiotics, a chronic abacterial prostatitis, inflammatory chronic pelvic pain syndrome, noninflammatory chronic pelvic pain syndrome (prostatodynia), asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis. Prevention … Continue reading Medicines introduced into manufacture

Scientific developments

Scientific developments of  the National University of Pharmacy Medicines. Reference book 1991-2010 Reference book “Scientific developments of the National University of Pharmacy. Medicines” contains a list and brief information on medicinal products of synthetic and natural origin which have been developed or are under development in NUPh for the period from 1991 to2010. Insection 6 of this … Continue reading Scientific developments

Students’ scientific society

Students’ scientific society

Address: 53, Pushkinska St., Kharkiv 61002 Теl.: (057) 706-30-71 Fax: (057) 706-30-71 Е-mail: Social networks: ;  Head of the SSS: Galyna V. Grygoriv, postgraduate student (organic chemistry department) Deputy Head: Kseniya I. Dudka, master student (pharmaceutical faculty № 1) Secretary: Anastasiya A. Babchenko, the 3rd course student (pharmaceutical faculty № 1) Students’ … Continue reading Students’ scientific society

Scientific journals of NUPh

Scientific journals of NUPh

Journal «News of Pharmacy»  (Ukrainian, Russian and English)  (VAK) Archive of the journal «News of Pharmacy» 2009-2014 «Journal of organic and pharmaceutical chemistry»  (Ukrainian, Russian and English)  (VAK) Archive of the «Journal of organic and pharmaceutical chemistry» 2009-2014 Journal «Clinical pharmacy» (Ukrainian, Russian and English)  (VAK – Higher Attestation Commission)  Archive of the ««Clinical pharmacy» 2009-2014» Journal «Social … Continue reading Scientific journals of NUPh

Scientific and practical events at the University

Scientific and practical events at National University of Pharmacy І International Scientific and Practical Conference “Modern aspects of creation of extemporaneous allopathic, homeopathic medicines and medicinal cosmetics” Responsible Department: Pharmaceutical Technology of Drugs : (0572) 65-72-00 Venue: 4, Valentynivska Str. Date: 3-4 March 2017 Scientific and Practical Conference “Pharmaceutical care in the symptomatic treatment of … Continue reading Scientific and practical events at the University

Specialized Scientific Council

Three specialized scientific councils function at the National University of Pharmacy: D 64.605.01 conducts defense of theses for scientific degrees of Candidate of Sciences and Doctor of Sciences in Pharmacy in the following specialities: 15.00.02 – Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy; 5.00.03 – Standardization and Organization of Pharmaceutical Production. Head – Prof. Chernykh V.P. Deputy head … Continue reading Specialized Scientific Council